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• Meet Tara •

I’m Tara, as you can see I am rather cheerful all of the time, especially when I am surrounded by people and happiness.

I want to showcase you, your love, your family and your circle. I embrace it all, engage with your crowd and have a cracking time documenting your story. 

Equally crucial to capturing all the fun, giggles and love going on around me, are those tender moments too, the quiet and reflective times - the details that pull the whole story together.

I know how many hours you will have put into organising your wedding, choosing your flowers, and styling your venue. It is not lost on me how much effort is poured into creating your personal, romantic and unforgettable celebration.   

• My Approach •

I’m friendly, warm and relaxed. I know that to get you the best and happiest images, you need to feel comfortable in my presence. I am skilled at knowing when a person needs space, a joke or a little bit of assistance.  



• My Work •

Is modern, bright and romantic. My eye is drawn to details, emotion, relationships, people and authentic, genuine feelings. My work gives context to your day by moving between standing back to show the whole scene and looking right in to show the textures and features. My edit is clean, sharp and vibrant, staying true to the colours and feel of the day. Your gallery will not age as trends come and go.

• About You •

Your wedding is will be a celebration with all those that you love and cherish, you’ve chosen a venue that makes your heart smile, your flowers are stunning, your dress is dreamy, your suit is sharp. 

You care about friends and family both new and old, you have handpicked suppliers that deliver a personal service and truly understand your vision, you value quality and deserve high end work.

You want to remember all this forever, through timeless beautiful images that you can delight in over and over again.  That’s where I come in, because that’s what I do and always have in mind when I’m shooting your big day. 


 Family and friends still comment on our day and say how lovely, professional and friendly Tara was.